Comparison between Hooters Translates in China and Harry Potter and Magical Realism Essay

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“Hooters Translates in China” is a piece of literature done by Craig Simon, an American author who has done a lot of literary work in the country. Having stayed in china for a long period, Craig wanted to bring to focus the culture and the lifestyle of the Chinese.

He closely brings to focus the current culture, which he describes as liberal and compares it with the past conservative practices. To help put this into perspective, he uses a popular American restaurant, Hooters, which was contracted in China successfully.

Harry Potters and Magical Realism, what others have preferred to call Harry Potter phenomena, is a series of literature that transcends various cultural backgrounds with custom-made messages. The books have been written with some sense of mastery of different cultures across the world.

As Mims (336) notes, the author has keenly knitted his literature using materials found in the specific targeted region. From the cultural perspective to the political and religious aspects, the series brings out different societies in different ways within their right contexts. It also focuses on mass media and its role in the society.

Given a close comprehensive look, the two sets of literatures that is, Hooters Translates in China and Harry Potters and Magical Realism, compare closely not only in terms of the context but also the intent.

This essay seeks to analyze the similarities between Hooters Translates China and Harry Potters and Magical Realism.


Literature is one of the most powerful tools used to pass a given message to a specific audience. Literature has seen some transition from the time it was just orally told (oral Literature) to the current written Literature. In both cases, Literature has always been used to express some feelings that the authors seem to realize.

According to Zipes (54), no piece of literature comes from the blues. Literature comes from within the society we live. It is what we see and the writer experiences in the society.

The process of retelling the story may involve adding a few factious aspects, but even the factious parts are real occurrences only that they are presented in supernormal manner. For this reason, many of the current world literatures compare closely, apart from a little differences that may be caused by cultural, political, and social differences.

The essays Hooters Translates in China and Harry Potters and Magical Realism compare very closely. Below are some of the aspects that make the two essays appear similar.


According to Reynolds (69), no piece of literature would go without touching on the aspects of culture. The two essays touch on cultures of different societies. Craig, in his essay ‘Hooters Translates in China’ talks about an American firm with American values gaining popularity in China.

In this essay, the director of Hooters restaurant in Shanghai once said, “Hooters isn’t just a restaurant, it is also an American culture, and that appeals to many Chinese,” (Mims 334). The author brings out the culture of American society and closely connects it to that of china. She notes that for a long time, china had been weary of the western culture but this seems to have changed.

The same idea regarding culture is also brought out in the writings of Daniel Nixon in his series ‘Harry Porters and Magical Realism’. Just like Craig’s comparison of the American culture to that of china, Nixon compares the cultural practices of the Muslims and Christians.

Basing his essays in Indonesia, Gulf States and other Islamic nations, the book has gained popularity in many Islamic societies that seem to appreciate it. As Craig notes, the culture of American people was resented in China in the past but this is changing (Mims 335).

Similarly, the Christian culture was strongly resented in among the Muslim. Although this hatred is still evident, both sides are currently tolerant to each other, with each side trying to understand the other’s way of life.

Traditionalism and Modernism

Both essays have given relevance to the current changes taking place in various societies, especially due to changes in technology. Both stories give accounts of societies transforming from traditional archaic way of living to ways that are more modern.

In the account given by Craig, Chinese current society is contrasted with what was there before. From the text, we are informed that because of relaxed attitude of the Chinese, they would now accept the American culture without much trouble.

We are also told that in 1960’s, the society in China never tolerated women who wore short skirts and kept long hair for this was considered a culture of the west. However, this has changed and women currently find it easy wearing short skirts and keeping long hair.

Xu, the director of Hooters in shanghai observes that, “The younger generation is very different from our parents” (Mims 334) This was in reference to the changes that had taken place in the society concerning cultural norms.

The account given by Nixon also reflects the changes within various societies in response to technological and social changes. One aspect of culture that has great impact on the lives of people is religion. Zipes (97) argues that the worst prison on earth is religion. Religion comes with very many rules and regulations that believers must observe.

Some of these beliefs are literally retrogressive. They are practices that have serious complications and restrictions in one’s social life. Nixon gives an overview of Islamic religion and how it related to Christianity in the past and how it relates presently.

There is a marked difference. In many societies, especially among the Muslim societies, women were denied several rights and freedoms. There were places they could not go without permission. They had to dress in a given manner as a sign of etiquette. This is fast changing and women are getting into the corporate world.

Gender Inequality

Both essays give an overview on issues relating to gender inequality within various states. In china, Craig notes that the perception of the society towards women has changed (Mims 333). However, issues relating to the use of women as a tool in marketing are still in practice.

This author observes that many companies within China still prefer associating some of their brands with beautiful women to attract sales. From the two texts, women have never enjoyed their rights in human history. Men have always used women to fulfill their wishes and desires.

In the Islamic world, women are never allowed to participate in political processes such as voting. In the western world, women are incorporated in the financial system as underdogs.

In society, women are not allowed to interact freely as compared to their male counterparts. Their culture is devalued and their opinions are not considered when major policies are made in government.

Many firms would also demand that job applicants attach a copy of their recent photo so that merit would be given based on the attractiveness of an individual.

This has been a concern as many communities have come strongly to oppose the culture that makes one gender appear to be a tool of trade. It is a sign that women are yet to realize their full freedom in a society that claims to offer the same treatment to everyone, irrespective of gender.


Both essays had a similar intent to the target audience. The message that majorly comes out from the two essays is that the world is changing and there is need for every society to realize this fact and make adjustments as would be appropriate.

Technology has dramatically redefined the way human beings approach various issues. It has turned the world into a global village. Information is everywhere. In order to realize a harmonious co-existence, there is need to eliminate the walls created in the past that defined boundaries in terms of tribe, religion or country.

We are a single family, and therefore should live peacefully. Women should be empowered economically and politically in case the society is to develop uniformly. No sustainable growth can be realized in case the society mistreats the majority of its members.


Literature is one of the most powerful tools that man has ever discovered. Through literature, messages have been coded in order to advise, inform, warn, or just entertain. The two essays, Hooters Translates in China and Harry Porters and Magical Realism are such literatures.

They have both successfully brought different societies into focus in terms of their culture, religion and issues pertaining to gender equality. The messages in the two essays are similar that is, we need to appreciate one another in our society, embrace the culture of unity, and work as a team in order to our aims and goals.

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