Climax, Symbolize and Theme in the Lottery

July 1, 2021 by Essay Writer

“The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson is a very famous American short story. It was published in the June 26, 1948, issue of the The New Yorker. Written the same month it was published. It is ranked today as “one if the most famous short stories in the history of America literature.” It has been studied in preparatory schools and in universities since its publication. It is very controversial. Some like it, others do not. The lottery has climax, mood and theme.The lottery has a really crazy climax.

Climax is the point of greatest emotional intensity in plot. I think the climax of story is killing the person who picks the lottery up. When they kill the woman, their eyes are changed to jealous. Someone said ‘Hurry up!’ and then they throw stones to the woman. Among the people, their family included. I was shocked about her family killed their mother. Even if the son’s face was very pitiful, his parents gave a stone and let him cast it.

The chilling climax also shows serious mood.The story also has extremely serious mood. The mood is generally defined as the atmosphere in the story.

Although weather, surrounding and background in the story are sunny and clear, the electing process of the sacrificial victim is too quiet. The weather is a contrast to the village people. At least, the woman has only a tragic ending. She was killed by her friend and family. I think the best of the scene is children kill her too. It’s impossible, though custom is very important, they shouldn’t have let person sacrifice for their personal goal. These things made me confused to understand the story. The lottery has a theme which is difficult to understand. When I saw the title “The lottery”, I think this story has a good ending, but woman who won the lottery was killed by stones casted by people who she believes and love. It is very irony. Why they killed who won the lottery? I can’t understand this story exactly.

But the author who wrote lottery gives us some message. There is old saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover” I think this crazy climax and serious mood make me difficult to understand this story.In conclusion, “The Lottery” is a short story which uses crazy climax, serious mood. I think Shirley Jackson who wrote “The Lottery” gives us some messages. First, don’t judge by appearance. This story title is “The Lottery”, but the ending is died who won the lottery. Second, we should remove wrong culture. Wrong culture killed innocent person. So, wrong culture is changed quickly. I searched a lot of information of this story. People say this story is written objectively. I strongly agree with this comment. They were extremely relieved when saw the women who won the lottery. In the movie of last scene, I felt selfishness from them.

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