Character Of Elizabeth In Pride and Prejudice

December 12, 2021 by Essay Writer

Elizabeth is an interesting individual not because she is a natural beauty and possesses almost all of the qualities that a man wants but because she wants to marry for love and not money. Elizabeth does have flaws however, one being that when she doesn’t want to listen or believe something or someone, she pretends she doesn’t understand what the facts are and is very stubborn once she dislikes someone. Elizabeth first meets Mr.

Darcy at a ball and because of his poor manners, and expectations of women, she automatically takes a dislike to him. However, throughout the novel, Elizabeth becomes more intrigued with Mr. Darcy and eventually sees a different side of him. There are many incidences in the story that show Elizabeth’s dislike for Darcy because of his pride starting with their encounter at the ball, Wickham’s opinions and accusations of Darcy, and her refusal of his proposal; however, Elizabeth begins to see a new side of Darcy and couldn’t think of living a life without him by the end of the book.

When Elizabeth first encounters Darcy at the ball she is very displeased and disappointed with his lack of agreeableness and pride. Elizabeth notices how Darcy barely danced four dances when there were more women than men at the ball and that to her was a sign of him being too proud to dance with girls of a lower social status than him. She then hears him saying to his friend Bingley how Elizabeth is tolerable but not pretty enough to intrigue him. This is a great offense to Elizabeth and she vows to herself that she will never dance with Mr. Darcy. Although Elizabeth catches him staring at her at the ball she things it not to be a compliment but that he is criticizing her. Elizabeth then takes interest in a new, handsome man named Wickham who she shares a dislike for Darcy as well.

Wickham goes on to telling Elizabeth a lie about Darcy how he is a cruel man who stole Wickham’s inheritance. Although Wickham has no proof of Darcy doing such things, Elizabeth still believes him because of her past with Mr. Darcy. Elizabeth also finds out that Darcy is discouraging Bingley to marry Jane, (her sister) and she thinks it is because he doesnt want his friend to marry a girl with such a low income. Mr. Darcy honestly thought that Jane did not truly love Bingley nad he only wanted what was best for his friend but Elizabeth is quickly to judge him. Mr. Darcy proposes to Elizabeth and Elizabeth begins to feel bad about having to reject him but sees how he is talking about not wanting to love her but it happened. She sees how he is too prideful and declines him boldly. Elizabeth then moves on to see Darcy’s estate and is in for a surprise.

Elizabeth goes to Darcy’s estate after her rejection of his proposal with her aunt and uncle, thinking Darcy is not there. Unfortunately, she bumps into him and feels very ashamed because it looks as if she is throwing herself at him. Elizabeth is surprised at how delightful, and polite Darcy is to her, her Aunt, and her Uncle. Darcy even introduces Elizabeth to his sister. Elizabeth also hears a great deal about Darcy from his housekeeper who raised him as a child. She talks only of lovely, and flattering compliments of Mr. Darcy. Elizabeth begins to see how she was too hasty in her decision to judge Darcy’s full character after only knowing him for a few short days. She knows that she was being prejudice towards Darcy and began to regret her rejection of his proposal after visiting his estate. Elizabeth then falls in love with Darcy and is engaged to him by the end of the book.

Pride and Prejudice shows the foolishness in society, the greed, the social aspects of it, the pride, and the prejudice of England in the early 1800s. Darcy began to see his pride and Elizabeth began to see her prejudice. It is foolish to judge others based on their appearance, on what you are told of them before meeting them, and their money. Jane Austen shows the aspect of Pride and Prejudice throughout the book with sarcasm, irony, and cliches. This was a beautiful book which inspired many women to be themselves and stand up for what they believe in. this novel has many incidences of Elizabeth judging Darcy including the meeting at the ball, Wickham’s accusations of him, her rejection of the proposal, nad her beginning to see who he truly was.

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