Biology and Behavior in the Teaching Process Essay

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General Overview

Information to be taught

The main set of information to be taught on the issue of the brain and neural and hormonal systems includes the principles of the work of the brain and endocrine system as well as the neural system. The connection between the structure and functions of different parts of the human brain should be taught due to its direct relation to human behavior which is the main focus of this course. Besides, it is necessary to offer links and facts important to shape the overall concept of this issue.

Information to be omitted

What should be omitted while presenting the information on biology and human behavior is the conclusion. In other words, the professor should introduce facts and ideas on this issue but should not explain how this or that concept influences human behavior in detail. It is possible to provoke in-class discussion by suggesting certain ways in which the biology of the human brain, neural, and hormonal systems can influence psychological behavior.

Organization of the Teaching Process

The sequence of presentation

The sequence of the presentation can coincide with the one offered by Myers (2007) who analyzes the biological aspects of psychological behavior about neural and hormonal systems as integral parts of the system called human organism that also inevitably impact the behavior in this or that way. Moreover, it is possible to use an encyclopedia-approach such as one applied in the study by Christensen, Martin, and Smyth (2004) or by Craighead and Nemeroff (2004).

Way of teaching

The approach mentioned above fits lectures as well as a class discussion because students can search for relevant information and come to the class having some ideas on those issues in mind. However, a class discussion can be more effective because a professor can guide students in terms of the right way to be followed. Though it is possible to learn different facts and theories from library and web sources, it is preferable to share information to understand the relations better.

Special materials

The materials mentioned above are appropriate for teaching whereas it is also possible to use websites and guides relevant to this topic. However, it is necessary to use only reputable sources such as evidence-based researches and peer-reviewed articles. In other words, it is necessary to organize the process of teaching so that all topics were acquired in a proper sequence about previous and coming ones. Web lectures are appropriate if a professor only presents information and does not provoke discussion.

Importance of the Material

Connection to everyday life

It is necessary to show students the importance of this information and its relation to everyday life. Biology should be discussed as the primary concept whereas psychology should be analyzed about biological functions, processes, and abnormalities that may influence the psychology of human behavior. So, the everyday lives of students should be related to topics discussed in class through vivid examples such as ‘hormonal responses to emotional stress’ discussed by Craighead and Nemeroff (2004, p. 405).

Science of psychology

As psychological behavior is influenced greatly by the physiology of the human organism, it is necessary to know relations and possible interactions and mutual influence of systems about potential problems that may occur. This content should be discussed about the entire organism and the scope of processes that take place in its maintenance.

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