Antigone And Haemon Script

June 27, 2022 by Essay Writer

Antigone is inside her tomb Haemon appears Haemon: Antigone… Why my love must you leave me here to bear such agony?

Haemon: Surely, you are blinded by the measure of your actions. You sacrifice your life as well as your love for me. For what? Your brother? What has he done for this city? What has he done for you?

Antigone: Haemon, respect for my brother means no shame. Thus, I understood the result of my action for I will be rewarded by the gods.

Antigone: Come with me my love. You and I can be together after all.

Haemon: I do not approve of this. Your actions have cost me to choose between my bride and my father. It has challenged my loyalty for something that cannot be chosen.

Antigone: When loyalty is challenged, we are to see how others act upon their words. Haemon, you are here yet not willing to stand with me. Haemon shakes his head

Haemon: How can I choose when I cherish both? I cannotAntigone holds Haemon’s hand

Antigone: You have to understand that we have a duty to the gods. Your father disobeyed and thus will be punished.

Antigone: Do you want to carry the same faith?

Haemon: Antigone, loyalty to thy gods is equal to loyalty to thy ruler. Do you not fathom?Antigone: But when the beliefs of the ruler conflicts with those of the gods, it is our duty to resist.

Antigone: This city understands me and the wrongdoing of Creon. I pity him for his faithless soul. For it was only me who was loyal. It was me who stood for the truth and I will die with respect from the gods.

Haemon: Your brother, Polynices, would not have wanted you to undergo such pain.

Antigone: Why must you speak of my brother in such manner? Do not attempt to change my mind for it has already been made.

Haemon: I do not want to cause such anger. I want you to know that this is what you want. Antigone rolls her eyes and turns around Haemon leaves Antigone grabs a rope and hangs it on top of her tomb


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