American Novel: “To Kill a Mockingbird” by Harper Lee Essay

October 4, 2021 by Essay Writer

In the novel entitled “To Kill a Mockingbird”, white and racial prejudice has been clearly brought out through the role-play of various characters. To begin with, Maycomb presents overcomplicated social hierarchy that eventually leads to social disharmony and lack of equality. As a result, children are surprised by the constant ins and outs. At the top of Maycomb’s hierarchy, the well-off Finches can be found. Those who are below the social ladder are mostly the black town men.

Besides, under the townspeople, there are a number of primitive individuals such as Cunninghams. The Ewells are equally controlling most of the black people. This explains why Tom Robinson was eventually persecuted. The social divisions ate evidently rigid in this society. Aunt Alexandra restricts any form of interaction between Scout and Walter just because they are from different races. These characters clearly depict the symbols of white and racial prejudice. This tendency baffles Scout. On the same note, class status is questioned and critiqued by Lee.

When I was reading through the novel, I found it quite involving because of the several characters taking part in the various scenes. However, it was an interesting experience because racism and social inequality are common experiences that most of us have either learned in literature or experienced at a personal level. In order to fully understand the novel, I began by contextualizing the text on aspects such as the setting of the book, authorship, historical significance and its overall purpose to the targeted audience.

Other areas that I focused on during the assignment included plot overview, characters (and their respective roles), themes as well as the summary and analysis of each chapter. Even though the whole assignment was very involving (because it required thorough understanding of the book), I eventually enjoyed the various themes and motifs depicted in various chapters. It is also worth to mention that the novel is indeed relevant to its readership because it mirrors the nature of society affected by racism and inequality.

From the above assignment, I learned that a society can be easily divided by racism even though the aspect of race itself is not evil. In fact, when we propagate the strengths of our unique races at the expense of other races, we stand a higher chance of transforming into racists. The latter vice is capable of claiming the dignity of a whole society of people who have been prejudiced.

In regards to my background with people who are different from me, I have interacted with individuals from different races with a lot of ease. In other words, I find it enjoyable and an experience to reckon when I meet people from different races. However, some of them may not be willing or ready to mingle with other races. This does not hinder me from reaching them out and create long-lasting relationships.

It is indeed important to promote inclusiveness especially in a world perpetuated by racial prejudice. A society that is limited to certain people only is bound to fail both in terms of social and economic progress. Inclusiveness is important to me because it broadens my perspective in life when I connect with other people from different races. Through the act of inclusiveness, I am in a position to balance both my personal and career life at workplace. As already hinted out, I have promoted inclusiveness by making friends from all races and always valuing their diverse opinions. Finally, this assignment has positively impacted my thinking because I am now in a position to sincerely empathize with those victimized by racism.

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