Achievements of Rachel Carson and Allan Savory, the Inspiring Members of Environmental Movement

April 5, 2021 by Essay Writer

The Amazing book by Rachel Carson sparked the environmental movement by exposing and letting the public know how many dangerous pesticides, toxins and parathion phosphates that can cause culvisions. She also wanted to let the public know of how many dangerous chemicals and emissions that consumer activities to the environment. The american public was most captivated as the audience because mainly she wanted to inform them how pesticides were causing so many, up to 45 million people cancer that would develop in upcoming years. She also targets children and young adults that are learning and grasping knowledge for the next generation to to have them take on the knowledge she was telling the public and make cures for many of the diseases she talks about.

She also also mentions that cancer that develop with American school children has been considered a rarity, but now it has skyrocketed to an all time high and now more American children die of cancer than any other disease. A quote that showed Rachel Carson targeting Americans was “these people spend three billion dollars annually for licenses, tackle, boats, camping equipment, gasoline, and lodgings. Anything that deprives them of their sport will also reach out and affect a large number of economic interests. The commercial fisheries represent such an interest, and even more importantly, an essential source of food” (116).

The users of commercial industry was a disappointment and the industry was pushing over their use of their own economic gain to the extent of hurting the environment. A most famous pesticide that was created was DDT. The pesticide saved millions from war during World War 2 but Rachel Carson has done extensive tests and has proven that the chemical was hurting the environment and poisoning birds and represented a major threat to humans. The government endorsed the product and the industry pushed the product very aggressively.

The pesticide was out of control and not used properly and Rachel Carson had to speak out and forced people how to think about the environment in a new way. Rachel Carson distorts their representations and believed DDT was horrible for the environment. A quote that represents her view about the distortion of chemical industry users, “All this has come about because of the sudden rise and prodigious growth of an industry for the production of manmade or synthetic chemicals with insecticidal properties some of the chemicals created in the laboratory were found to be lethal to insects” (16).

One environmental science concept that should be represented to the public or schools is climate change and or desertification. These concepts should be increased because they are a real life phenomena and is happening without even the public even knowing. To increase the awareness of these issues around the edison community we need to announce that may of the issues are caused by CO2 emissions from cars, and methane from livestock and industry. We need to tell our community that buying more industry products is only making it worse and more emissions will arise. I would also announced that riding your bike to school is a much healthier option than 350 cars coming to our school. To increase the idea nationwide we government assistance to enact laws that can help benefit the environment. To help the cause trying to make a Non-Profit organization would definitely help. Trying to notify people with a much bigger platforms like celebrities how have millions of people following them could help make people see what is really going on in the world as a whole. We need to Stop climate change and desertification from happening any much further.

Allan Savory is a zimbabwean ecologist/biologist and has made a huge impact to Environmental Science. He has proposed a theory that 2/3rds of the world is desertifying. He has also said “We are facing a grim reality that we are coming towards 10 billion people” According to TED talks. Desertification is land that turns to desert and it is mainly caused by livestock. Allan Savory wants reeducation and discovery of the overgrazing that is happening in our world. He has also said that “American scientists had no explanation about desertification and that they said it was arid and natural” (TED).

In the end he has made an impact has has shown what is really happening behind all of the national parks, civilization and arid grounds. He has continued to make an impact by proposing methods to help the next generation to not having a baring storm upon them.


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