A Lesson from the ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas’ by Hunter Thompson

November 9, 2021 by Essay Writer

The adventures exhibited by Duke and Gonzo is far from what most people would like to undergo in the name of exploration. The two men ended up getting carried away from their journey right from the beginning. It all started as a mere trip through the Nevada desert. However, the turn of events eventually lands the two characters into Las Vegas. Plenty of diversions and distractions took them away from their initial mission of doing a report on a motorcycle race, confirming that there was more to the adventure than meets the eye. One of the things that come out clearly all along the film is that there is no shortage of irrational decisions showcased on screen.

This is one of those things that are in direct connection with the character of an individual. The incident where Duke ends up firing his photographer is just one of many other examples where irrational decisions were made. This confirms that Duke is indeed irrational to an extent. Aside from that, Duke also finds himself in a scenario where he is presented with an exorbitant bill after spending time at a hotel. This compels him to flee from the place in an attempt to find his way back home. Again, this is another instance where irrational decisions are witnessed. This makes a perfect contrast to what others go through in different occasions. It got to a point where one has to be silent and secretive in the name of evading a wall of emerging trouble. Some instances may also compel one to make decisions that are pretty unreasonable on one side and satisfactory on the other. The writer of this film tends to have a clear understanding of what personal decisions are and some of the implications that may come thereafter. How about reflecting on what that happened in the past, and trying to make things right? This is also one of the prime lessons that come from this film.

Evidently, it came a time when Duke had to sit in isolation and remember all the problems he had caused earlier. He even remembered the heated encounter that he had with a waitress earlier on. However, in as much as individuals feel the need to reflect on what happened in the past, it is not always possible to set things right. Some of the mistakes that Duke made were far beyond repair, and all this came as a result of his selfish moves and decisions. In essence, the manner in which time is spent matters a lot. Out of a mere professional trip, the two main characters in the film end up engaging in other activities that divert them from focusing on the main issue. Duke spent a lot of time being hectic and messy. Gonzo, on the other hand, had a hard time managing and coping with his counterpart. All this ended up swaying their attention away, and they eventually had no more time for their stipulated task. I believe that there is a lesson to be learned from this. This is a clear indication that it is always worth taking your time and directing focus to where it is needed rather than diverting attention to other things that will only make it more difficult to succeed. The lessons of this movie are certainly there to be seen in my opinion, and I would genuinely recommend that people watch it.


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