A Depiction Of Socialist Utopia

April 24, 2022 by Essay Writer

Karl Marx once said, Democracy is the road to socialism. Today, many countries are run by democratic social orders, which means the power and decision making comes from its citizens. Socialism takes this to the extreme to make sure that there is equality and fairness in all communities.

A socialist utopia should be located near a coastline, so it can focus on importing and exporting goods, for economic growth of the country. In socialist societies, it is necessary to have a lot of participatory citizens, who work hard to run their communities. What is the best ideology or social order to run society? Even though Socialism promotes communal ownership, it is the most efficient manner to manage society, because it put everyone into one economic class, and paves the way for the equality of power.        

Even though socialism is a has many advantages, some people believe it can give governments too much power. Governments have big roles of socialist states, due to the fact that they need to make sure that there are no injustices in their communities. Therefore, Governments are given a massive amount of authority, which may cause them to abuse their control. Also, some people feel that socialism doesn’t reward people for being entrepreneurial, and that the government just takes credit for any achievement a citizen makes. Even though governments have big parts in socialist societies, countries can still have a democratic government system, where governments have to go through a system of checks and balances. Like in any other type of society, the people possess the power, which makes sure that corruption and other injustices do not occur.        

Even though socialism may have some negative implications, in return it eliminates poverty. It causes society to have no economic classes, meaning that everyone is neither rich, nor poor. Socialism also makes sure the public gets equal access to healthcare and education, without the fear of discrimination. Since all businesses are owned collectively by the public, everyone would have an equal amount of wealth and opportunities. Therefore, competition is unnecessary, because everyone already has the necessities of life. Instead, people would cooperate and work together as a group to help businesses grow. Furthermore, in socialist states, there are less economic stereotypes and biases because of everyone is economically alike. While socialist does end poverty, it also paves the way for equality of power.        

Lastly, Socialism makes sure that everyone has an equal amount of power in their communities. Since everyone is equal in wealth, everyone would have an equal amount of power. Socialism makes sure that everyone has the same opportunity to pursue success. In addition to that, socialist societies are ruled and run by the working people. Unlike other types of societies, the working class has the most authority and power, since they are trying to help grow the country financially. Due to the fact that the everyone is in the middle class, everyone has equal power in decision making and in other important fields. Everyone is a socialist state has the same goal, to help the country grow and become better.        

Even though we know that Socialism can sometime give governments excess power, it is actually the most practical and understandable way to run society. For one it ends poverty by causing everyone to be in the same economic class. Secondly, it makes sure everyone in a community has an equal voice and amount of authority. In society today, there is lots of poverty and unfair treatment of the powerless. There is also a clear difference in opportunities that the rich receive, verses what the poor get. Socialism brings an end to unfairness and injustices, by paving the way for equality for everyone.

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